JDE Coffee: Podback

L’or and Tassimo are part of the Jacobs Douwe Egberts brand, who are the second largest coffee company behind Nestle. In 2021, they teamed up with Nescafe to create Podback, a coffee pod recycling scheme that provides recycling bags with each order of coffee pods.

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The challenge

As a result of covid, direct-to-consumer sales of coffee pods exploded with more consumers looking for an at-home alternative for their usual coffee from a café or office machine. This left major brands in the industry, including Jacobs Douwe Egberts brands, needing to source a fulfilment provider that could meet the demand, and fulfil orders of their recycling bags at a higher capacity to help them meet their sustainability goals.

At the time, the L’or and Tassimo team were spending around 2 – 3 hours per week processing orders manually by scraping data from the EPI server pages and uploading order information manually. Valuable time that could have been spent on other areas of the business.

Why they chose Huboo?

Due to this unprecedented growth, L’or and Tassimo needed a solution that had a rapid turnaround time and could be set up almost instantly to handle the larger number of orders per week.

Huboo offered speedy set up times with no onboarding costs and also resolved the manual data processing challenge by integrating directly with their own online store. Saving hours of labour time and streamlining business processes to increase efficiency across the board, thanks to their full stack fulfilment and micro-hub model.

How has Huboo added value to your product?

“The flexibility and responsiveness of Huboo made the transition smooth and pain free. Their technological infrastructure has enabled our customers to make direct orders for recycling bags without needing to purchase coffee pods, helping us achieve our sustainability goals of recycling the coffee pods, and coffee grains too!” Oliver Ellis, Sustainability Lead UK & Ireland at JDE


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