Empowering Wellness: JS Health’s Growth Story with Huboo’s Fulfillment Expertise

Join us in a conversation with Hermione Underwood, the UK CEO of JS Health, as she shares insights into the flourishing journey of this innovative supplement brand and its thriving partnership with Huboo.

We sat down with Hermione Underwood, UK CEO of one of our favourite clients; research-backed, supplement and vitamin brand, JS Health.

Tell us a bit about JS Health, the business, and the brand.

JS Health is a health and wellness company founded in Australia by trained nutritionist Jessica Sepel. Our primary product is our vitamin and supplement range, including the bestseller formula Hair + Energy, which we use Huboo for. There’s also an app(!) that offers healthy recipes and homeworkouts, as well as a range of cookbooks.

What are you most looking forward to from July 19th?

I’m used to the new normal, I love my job, and I’m so happy. The pandemic has made us all appreciate things more, the global mentality has shifted, but it is nice to be back in the office.

Last words to end with?

I would recommend Huboo to anyone; I think they’re the best in the business, and we’re grateful for you guys.

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