Reshaping Comfort and Fulfillment: The JustWears and Huboo Success Story

Discover how JustWears, a trailblazer in men’s sustainable underwear, teamed up with Huboo to revolutionize their fulfillment process, enhancing both customer experience and business efficiency.

Just wears

Tell us a bit about the company, what’s the inspiration behind the name?

JustWears is a sustainable men’s underwear brand, providing the most  comfortable alternative to regular boxers and briefs. The brand was originally called JoeyWears, as the ergonomic design has a unique pouch feature, which provides much more comfort than traditional underwear. However, we like to say we’re ‘JustWears’, not ‘just underwear’, and so a few years ago we wanted to find a brand name that didn’t define us solely by this product feature. As a result, we asked our customers if they’d like to choose a new name for the brand, and that’s when JustWears was born.

Once you try on a pair of JustWears for the first time, you’ll realise that you’ve been wearing underwear incorrectly until now, and that this is how you should be wearing underwear going forward. It’s a pretty amazing design, with no riding up or chaffing and many of our customers say it has made them throw away their existing underwear to replace them all with JustWears!

What does the future hold for JustWears?

Our goal is always focused on creating the most comfortable essential wear. Over the next year or two we’ll be launching new products and looking to enter new markets as well. Hopefully Huboo will be just that step ahead of us, so we can continue this excellent partnership. We’re also hiring more people to the JustWears team and scaling fairly impressively, so keep your eyes peeled!

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