In Conversation with Legless Games

From students to eCommerce sellers. How 3 university students turned imagination into a business.

Tell us a bit about the story behind Legless Games?

Legless Games is a drinking games company that was setup by three students: myself (Tom Doherty), Lily Brown and Alistair Moss. We all lived together during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 and being students, we were drinking a lot. We were getting so bored that we decided to invent a drinking game. Originally, it was supposed to be a game for us to play but we thought it was great so decided to turn it into a proper card game for others to enjoy as well.

What made you choose Huboo as your fulfilment partner?

We hadn’t heard of Huboo before we started looking for a company to fulfil our orders. We had meetings with other fulfilment companies but none seemed to be able to match the prices or the quality of Huboo’s service. After the first conversation I had with Bethany, it felt like Huboo would be a perfect match for us. Our onboarding experience was very efficient and everything is so easy to use. I can’t rate Bethany highly enough, she has been brilliant from the very first phone call we had, and helped us through the onboarding process and was there whenever we had any questions.

What has outsourcing your fulfilment meant for you?

Huboo has been a breath of fresh air for us, it has allowed us to reach the global market as well as maintain our hold on the UK market. I don’t have to worry at all about the service that Huboo offers, which, as a business owner, is the ideal scenario. Before Huboo, we were incredibly reliant on Amazon FBA and fulfilling orders ourselves which used to take up all of our time and didn’t allow us to focus on growing our business.

What are the items that are going to be flying off your online shelf this peak season?

We envisage that our  family drinking game, will be a popular selling game as there is nothing like it on the market at the moment. Our advice to our customers is to order your products early because we envisage a large demand for some of our new games and we don’t want them to be disappointed!

Finally, what does the future hold for Legless?

The future for Legless Games is growth into different countries with Germany, the Netherlands and the USA all in the pipeline. We will continue to bring out new games as well as expansion packs; we currently have three different games, and we have two more coming out towards the end of this year. We are also putting provisions in place for us to be carbon neutral in the near future.

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