Primalsoles’ game-changer partnership with Huboo

Primalsoles’ partnership with Huboo is a game-changer in eco-friendly footwear, revolutionizing the industry with their 100% recyclable shoe insoles. This collaboration is a testament to their shared commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Primal Soles

Where did it all start? Tell us a bit about Primal Soles, what’s the inspiration behind the name?

Primal Soles stands for movement, primal movement. The natural need deep inside each and every one of us to move, to progress, to do better. Primal Soles does better to every person that walks on a pair instantly. The reviews / feedback have been incredible so far! But Primal also promotes a clear, core message to do better for our shared Planet. That is why we have created the first ever 100% recyclable shoe insoles. Something had to change, had to be done better. Every year hundreds of millions of non-recyclable, synthetic insoles end up in landfill waste, lasting for generations. In size this waste covers a land mass bigger than the entire surface of New Zealand. Together with all our partners, we have created a fully circular value chain that provides top quality, maximum comfort shoe insoles with minimal footprint.

What are the brand’s missions and goals?

Our official mission is to replace 1 million non-recyclable shoe insoles with 1 million Primal Soles so that we can reduce the negative impact the insole industry has on our Planet. We understand that even if we reach this ambitious goal, it will still only make a minor dent in the true problem. That is why our main goal, and in fact our vision from the start, has been to inspire consumers and producers the world over to do better – to be better – for ourselves and for our Planet.

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See how Primal Soles and Huboo work together to create a circular value chain

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