Unlocking Growth with Huboo: The Skin Woof Success Story

“I would recommend for any eCommerce brand with fast-moving products to outsource fulfilment to Huboo as our experience has been overwhelmingly positive.” 

We spoke with Ben, managing director of Skin Woof to find out more about their products and how Huboo has helped them. The self-confessed beauty brand offers a selection of vitamins and collagen drinks that nourish, smooth and firm the skin.

Tell us about your business and products?

“Skin Woof is a UK based beauty supplement and skincare brand that develops and markets our physical products. Our products include the award-winning Skin Woof Collagen Beauty Drink, Original Vitamins for Healthy & Radiant Skin, Tan Enhancing Vitamins and Vitamin C Radiance Serum.

“What initially pushed you towards a fulfilment company?

“As is the case with many eCommerce startups, we began by fulfilling all our orders manually. We would pack them up and take them to the Post Office by hand. When it got to the point we were taking too many mailbags full of orders to the Post Office, people in the queue behind us sighing as we held them up and spending hours each day preparing packages, we had to have a rethink. Outsourcing fulfilment had always been on our radar but it was time to make the leap. To be honest, I wish we had done it sooner.”

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