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In this Vitamin & Supplement guide, you’ll discover valuable industry data and expert advice on how to achieve success and thrive through efficient fulfilment strategies.

  • $4.5 trillion globally
    Wellness industry value 2023

The wellness industry is currently valued at over $4.5 trillion globally following several years of stellar growth. As the pandemic forced practically everyone to reflect on the state of their physical and mental wellbeing, online spending on self-care went into overdrive. Today, millions of people are thinking differently – and more proactively – about the need to look after themselves, creating a vibrant market for wellbeing brands ranging from vitamin supplement producers to exercise equipment and apparel providers.

However, healthy habits are often hard to form and easy to break, creating extra pressure on brands when it comes to maintaining customer loyalty and preventing churn. Building a thriving eCommerce Vitamin and Supplement brand requires exceptional – and uber-reliable – customer service, savvy and shrewd marketing, and the ability to stay on top of the latest industry trends. Here are a few of the recent market developments we’ve had our eye on at Huboo.

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Getting to know your customer

Alongside the importance of brand narrative, personalisation is becoming an essential way for eCommerce brands to build relevance and differentiation with customers. And, fortunately, wellness is one area of retail in which customers are more than happy to hand over their data in return for a more bespoke, personalised service, alongside access to new ingredients, approaches and formulations.

Vitamin and Supplement brands that invest more in understanding their customers’ health and wellness have a real opportunity to establish meaningful long-term relationships and embed positive behaviours that will directly improve their bottom line – the ultimate win-win scenario.

We’re seeing brands introduce short questionnaires at the start of the customer journey, enabling them to pull together customised communications and product recommendations. Others are offering smart devices like health trackers to collect detailed health and behaviour data. For example, ZOE, the health and nutrition app, sells a glucose monitor that analyses a customer’s biology and gut health and then uses these insights to make better ongoing health recommendations.

This point around ongoing engagement is particularly pertinent for wellness, given that many products within the category – such as supplements – are repeat products with a 30-day to six-month cycle. It’s vital for brands to devise clear strategies between purchase cycles to keep customers engaged, whether through follow-up emails with personalised tips on how customers can make the most of their new purchase, or more general health and wellbeing tips.

But as you try to keep up with ever-mounting product lines and cater to more personalised buying patterns, all while continuing to understand what motivates your customers, this will inevitably result in more SKUs to manage and keep track of. This, in turn, increases the potential for confusion and delays to creep into the picking and packing process, and of course, the possibility of frustrating customers if problems occur once the order has been placed.

Capable warehouse management systems are essential if these issues are to be avoided. It’s not about chaotically piling up products in huge warehouses, but more about using smaller, self-contained hubs to easily store and manage multiple SKUs, all belonging to one brand, all in one accessible space.

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Sustainability still matters

Despite the growing strain on consumer budgets, sustainability credentials continue to be a motivating factor for wellness customers. In recognition, growing numbers of brands are reshaping their business operations and product lines to ensure that their sustainability credentials stack up.

Many vitamin and supplement brands are moving towards plastic-free packaging to help increase their appeal to the more eco-minded consumer, or even incorporating more natural, cruelty-free ingredients into their product lines. Sustainability doesn’t stop at the product – we’re also seeing brands proactively seek out greener fulfilment services so they know that their door-to-door delivery is as carbon efficient as possible – for example, by using hybrid or electric vehicles and route optimisation software. Other factors to bear in mind include storing products in zero-waste warehouses and taking a paperless approach to picking.

It’s important to note that the cruelty-free ethos extends to people working in fulfilment too. Many warehouse roles are incredibly physically demanding, repetitive and involve employees walking long distances to locate products, all while being timed and monitored, which can lead to intense stress and strain. This is why brands need to choose fulfilment partners that treat their people well, take health and safety seriously, operate flexible hours and encourage regular breaks.

Achieving fulfilment success:
Eight simple rules for Vitamin and Supplement brands

If you’re a brand selling health and wellbeing products via multiple channels such as online shops and marketplaces, you’ll soon discover that as your sales increase, the storage, packaging and shipping of your items can quickly feel overwhelming. So, what’s the solution? Here are eight simple rules to help you achieve fulfilment success for your brand.

Keep your fulfilment journey simple

Simplicity is key to a fruitful fulfilment journey, even if your brand sells via numerous channels. When a customer places an online order, whether via your website, a marketplace, or a social media platform, it should automatically feed through to your warehouse team. The chosen items should then be carefully picked, scanned and dispatched on the same day to ensure prompt delivery and a first-rate customer experience. A reliable system will also update your inventory levels so you’ll never sell a product that’s not available, while alerting you when stocks are running low.

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Consider outsourcing some or all of your fulfilment operation

The logistics journey for your offering is likely to be complex and hard to keep track of without the right support, particularly if you’re selling multiple variations of a particular product – such as wellness journals or aromatherapy candles. Outsourcing this time-consuming process to a trusted fulfilment partner will enable you to save money and focus on other key aspects of your brand, safe in the knowledge that your customers are privy to a timely, seamless and satisfying service.

And don’t simply accept a one-size fits all approach to fulfilment. Your fulfilment partner needs to understand your specific requirements and create a bespoke plan that will best serve your business and its plans for growth into new territories and marketplaces and subsequent increasing order volumes going forward.

For example, at Huboo our Continuous Improvement Team analyses all client processes to optimise the service we provide, working in tandem with operations, finance, supply chains and future projections departments to identify untapped opportunities and make improvements. This enables the team to fully collaborate with you throughout your Huboo partnership to guarantee scalable growth while maximising efficiency.

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Make sure your fulfilment is flexible

A frictionless fulfilment process affords brands the time to be more agile as new consumer wellness trends – and subsequent commercial opportunities – emerge. You need to be able to react quickly to meet sudden spikes in customer demand and, while this will inevitably pose challenges to inventory planning, this can be overcome if you’re using software that offers real-time insight into omnichannel sales and warehouse inventory levels. Assessing current sales data alongside historic data makes it easier to spot patterns and ensure that you aren’t left with expired or leftover products once a spike has passed.

This is equally important to bear in mind when preparing for peak-season eCommerce events. A fulfilment provider needs to have the tools and account managers in place to meticulously forecast orders so that warehouse teams can flex in size to serve different needs across various marketplaces, while making sure there is unlimited scalability to order volumes with zero breakages or customer complaints.

On the flip side, your fulfilment also needs to be flexible enough to adapt when things don’t go to plan. Whether it’s industrial action, an economic downturn, supply chain issues or a product recall, you need to work with your fulfilment provider to ensure that there are clear contingency measures, with your provider able to act as an extension of your brand and communicate what’s happening to your customers.

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Take storage seriously

Your warehouse should incorporate a dedicated area for your vitamin and supplement products so that they leave in the same condition they arrived. Not every warehouse will be up to spec. You need to make sure you have clean, temperature-regulated ambient spaces and, of course, that your products are kept out of direct sunlight and, preferably, in a cool, dry place so that any active ingredients don’t diminish in terms of potency or efficacy over time.

In addition to this, your fulfilment provider needs to demonstrate that it has batch control, stock checking and quality assurance measures to ensure products don’t exceed best-before dates. This is particularly important in the case of perishable products or those that contain organic or vegan ingredients. One example of best practice is adopting a first-in-first-out method so that older products are picked, packed and shipped as a priority, minimising the risk of waste and items reaching expiration or best-before dates.

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Ensure your packaging is on point

Unboxing is the first physical interaction that your customers have with your product. So it’s vital that customers experience products and packaging as per your instructions and, crucially, without any damage or breakages. Sustainable packaging using protective insulation materials – such as Flexi-Hex – as well as appropriate sized boxes are all helpful when it comes to achieving this.

Some fulfilment providers can even meet more targeted packaging requests so that your products arrive complete with a sample, branded note or other marketing collateral of your choosing.

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Store your products in the best possible location

Brands need to consider the optimal locations for getting products out to customers effectively. Geographic proximity means faster, more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly shipping, so try and choose a fulfilment partner that has a proven presence in the locations that matter most to your business – and that can boast easy access to major transport networks, allowing for cohesive and effective distribution further afield.

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Offer optimum delivery outcomes

A good delivery experience encourages customers to order again. But this doesn’t always mean the same or next day. Customers want high levels of service at a reasonable cost and transparency throughout the fulfilment process. In a nutshell, they want to know where the item is, when they can expect it and a guarantee that it will arrive at the time stated when they made the purchase, all from reliable couriers.

In addition to this, customers are becoming more eco-conscious, so it’s important that you’re fulfilling orders in a way that’s as sustainable as possible. Vitamin and Supplement brands can demonstrate their ESG credentials to customers when they have the relevant accreditations in place.

As part of this process, fulfilment providers should have teams dedicated to achieving relevant industry standards. This isn’t merely a box-ticking exercise, it ensures that your products are managed, fulfilled and delivered – from eco-friendly warehouses – with integrity.

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Set clear KPIs and sales targets

KPIs and sales targets are more than just about numbers and metrics. They help you to understand how a fulfilment provider is performing and the impact of this on your business. Putting KPIs in place with a provider will allow your partner to make continuous adjustments to achieve your strategic goals faster. This is why at Huboo we adhere to a clear service level agreement that has the potential to yield the best possible customer experience. Our SLAs include 99.9% picking accuracy, same-day order dispatch and returns processing as standard.

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Our flexible fulfilment solution helps Vitamin & Supplement brands all year long and also during seasonal spikes

Our key Vitamin and Supplement partners in profile

Our ever-expanding pool of strategic partners exists to maximise the growth opportunity for your vitamin and supplement brand, giving you access to new marketplaces across Europe and globally, plugging you into innovative new technology solutions, and providing best-in-class guidance and counsel to solve emerging strategic and operational concerns as you grow.

The eCommerce market is constantly evolving, but by aligning with a carefully curated selection of ERPs, marketplaces, eCommerce channels, social media platforms and other software applications, we ensure we’re always best placed to meet your commercial needs. Our key wellness partners include:

The world’s most trusted retailers use Mirakl to manage their third-party marketplace and dropship business. Mirakl’s intuitive, secure and scalable technology powers profitable digital growth across all aspects of commerce – from platform model to personalisation and payments. Thousands of sellers from the Mirakl Connect platform have joined the Mirakl-powered marketplaces of leading retailers, including Superdrug, Douglas, Nocibé and Shop Apotheke.

We’re a partner to the popular video-sharing app at the forefront of the burgeoning social commerce revolution. TikTok’s dedicated eCommerce function, TikTok Shop, is capitalising on the generation of shoppers inspired by influencers and vloggers and provides sellers with quick ways to fulfil large volumes of orders placed through the app. There are currently over 16bn views across TikTok videos tagged #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, demonstrating the mass appeal of TikTok as a commerce channel.

A selection of large household name brands use CORQ’s unique toolkit to harness the power of influencer marketing, social media and content development to boost their sales potential. CORQ successfully achieves this by providing influencer discovery and due diligence, campaign reporting, daily influencer news blasts, the sharpest data-led analysis and essential trend forecasting. CORQ is staffed by an expert team of journalists who are dedicated to interrogating the digital space, determining where it will go next and helping clients use this knowledge to their best advantage.

Provenance is a software platform that helps brands and retailers attract and convert eco-conscious shoppers. Their software enables eCommerce teams to manage and publish shopper-friendly, fact-checked sustainability claims at the point of sale, helping businesses avoid the risk of greenwashing, increase conversion, and brand value.

Nonsensical is an award-winning TikTok agency that drives powerful and impactful results on the platform by creating original and engaging content for brands, as well as building and managing their communities. In the past 12 months, the team have notched up 600 million video views for brands like Go.Compare, The Works and Uber Eats. The team are TikTok Shop and Ads specialists and have worked with many beauty clients to help them grow their communities and ultimately drive sales. They have also worked on multiple influencer campaigns to deliver real impact for their brand partners.

Packhelp makes it easy for anyone to order fully custom-branded packaging. It connects customers with the most suitable production possibilities, offering them a broad range of packaging products from mailing boxes and kraft tape to tissue paper and product boxes. Packhelp covers everything from local deliveries of small quantities to global procurement of large volumes, with Packhelp Studio – an online editor for small businesses, instantly purchasable products and orders from 30 pieces, and Packhelp Plus, that helps mid-market companies scale their packaging needs.

Huboo: where it all started

We emerged six years ago on a mission to revolutionise eCommerce by creating a more efficient, simpler and more transparent approach to fulfilment and logistics.

We’ve taken the traditional warehouse format and transformed it into smaller, more scalable service-led hubs, where each area – and every product placement – is optimised by tech. Since then, we have continually refined our hub model, which massively reduces the distance walked by warehouse teams, driving efficiencies and cost savings, and allowing us to put people – and a personalised approach – at the heart of our fulfilment proposition.

Our 700+ team has a wealth of health industry expertise, having partnered with a host of brands – from household names to innovators and category disruptors like Heights and Camnutra – to help them successfully scale their businesses.

Today, we offer a higher quality, dynamic and competitively priced service offering with a UK and European fulfilment model that has a global reach. This is carefully tailored to eCommerce vitamin and supplement brands of all sizes and categories and is underpinned by a human-centric approach to customer service, end-to-end fulfilment operation technology and a commitment to continuous improvement in everything we do.

United Kingdom

How we do it


We’re not like other fulfilment companies. Our empowering company culture means that our staff are passionate about delivering our goal – enabling your vitamin and supplement brand to grow. Within our warehouses, we replicate the processes that occur in traditional fulfilment in more controlled, manageable spaces. Dedicated hub managers understand that your customers will have made a considered purchase from a brand they trust and can successfully communicate your requirements to all departments across the business to ensure you get the wraparound service you deserve.


Our bespoke, tech-driven operational solutions integrate with all major sales channels, giving your brand access to a host of potentially untapped markets, while allowing you to manage your entire inventory from a single platform. It’s more reliable this way, because we’re in control of every element and stage in the fulfilment process. Our strategic approach to fulfilment is perfect for all types of wellness SKU, meaning that our solutions can help brands of all sizes, while you can be safe in the knowledge that our certified, zero-waste hubs are underpinned by a world-class Warehouse Management System.

We provide you with real-time order and inventory data and accurate tracking, alongside customised reports that include buying habits, sales metrics and customer insights which help to fuel your business growth. We also have a fully integrated and automated returns management system in place, saving you processing time and providing clear reporting and full visibility on the status of all returns.


We’re only successful if you are too. Whether we’re supporting new product categories, adding sales channels or helping you break into new markets, we’re here to help our customers grow better and faster. From our technology to our warehouses, to our people, we channel our expert in-house knowledge to help your business expand in the right way, at the right time and in the right places.

How our approach helps emerging Vitamin and Supplement brands

We ease the complications that fulfilment brings with it, effortlessly integrating with the health and wellbeing industry’s most popular sales channels and marketplaces. We do this by harnessing cutting-edge technology, in tandem with people who care, to enable a more productive fulfilment network.

We also let you monitor every stage of the fulfilment process, in real-time, from your Client Dashboard. Our intuitive platform gives you the power to track your goods, manage transactions, monitor sales and listings by each channel, carry out quality control inventory and keep on top of costs. We provide full visibility of where your valuable stock is at every step of its lifecycle.

Equally, we recognise that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t suit every wellness business when it comes to couriers. We let you integrate with the right international courier partner for your needs and, in return, you’ll receive Huboo Express rates. We have clear pricing, fair terms and don’t charge for setting you up. Nor are there any charges for integrating with your existing sales channels and systems and the same goes for storage.

In a nutshell, we’ve got everything in place to help you reach more customers on a global basis and grow with confidence.

How we extend this approach to larger Vitamin and Supplement businesses

We transform multi-million-pound turnover wellness brands into digital commerce market leaders by deploying customised solutions that are forward-thinking and future-fit. This means that they can adapt to the speed and scale that large businesses demand, in turn driving efficiency and growth, while staying loyal to each brand’s ethos, values and heritage.

We build and manage our technology because it’s more reliable that way and allows us to remain in total control of your products at all times. Our technology also speeds up ongoing operational processes and brings greater clarity to the status of every order. We can also tailor it in a way that maximises exposure to your vitamin and supplement brand, taking full advantage of our extensive partnership network. Our team of 50+ software developers is on hand to support, update and innovate, harnessing their tech know-how to make sure you stay ahead of the curve. This includes developing and creating tailored integrations that drive efficiency and growth, such as automation and targeted reporting.

As soon as you sign up, we assign you a Key Account Manager whose goal is to look after your brand. They do this by ensuring the smooth running of your dedicated hub, while providing great customer service and dealing with any unforeseen or unexpected issues as and when they might arise.

We let you manage your entire inventory from a single dashboard and observe aggregated data across all your eCommerce channels, territories and customers. Simply put, our insights empower your decision-making, by letting you know which sales channels are delivering, how product lines are performing and everything else you need to keep growing your business.

We don’t franchise our tech model, meaning that whichever warehouse your customers order their wellness products from, the quality will be exceptional and consistent, and you’ll have lower packaging and posting overheads on account of the expert fulfilment methods we incorporate into our supply chain solution.

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How we extend this approach to larger Vitamin and Supplement businesses

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