Achieving Optimal Health: Fibropharma’s success with Vitamins and Supplements

Fibropharma were drawn in by Huboo’s human-centric approach and a hassle-free onboarding experience for vitamins and supplement fulfilment services.

In the dynamic and ever-evolving eCommerce landscape, Fibropharma has emerged as a burgeoning European player. Wonder what their speciality is? Creating and retailing online premium, uniquely formulated nutritional supplements.

Fibropharma stands out from its competition by addressing the specific needs of their customers through innovative research, high-quality products, and a customer-centric online approach. This targeted focus and commitment to excellence set them apart in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

Kick-off and core beliefs

The name ‘Fibropharma’ stands testament to the company’s dedication to intertwining fibrous, natural ingredients with the quality and performance of pharmaceuticals. Since set up in 2020, Fibropharma’s goal has been to innovate and lead in the online nutritional supplement space by offering products that are not only unique in composition but also unparalleled in quality.

“The brand’s inception was driven by a commitment to providing consumers with top-tier, exclusive nutritional supplements, available at the click of a button”, says its co-founder Ruyters. Throughout the company’s rapid growth in Europe, they have maintained their commitment to providing consumers exclusive nutritional supplements, made from the finest ingredients that do not compromise on these values.

Discovering and choosing Huboo

“For a brand that exclusively operates online, a robust and reliable fulfilment partner is not just a necessity but a critical component of its operational framework. Our quest led us to Huboo, known for its swift, efficient, and customer-centric fulfilment services,” declares Ruyters.

Fibropharma may not have known about Huboo’s vitamin and supplement fulfilment services initially, but they were drawn in by Huboo’s human-centric approach and a hassle-free onboarding experience. What sealed the deal? Huboo’s flexibility, transparent and friendly communication, and custom built technology. These features meant that Fibropharma could be totally hands-off with shipping and focus on their core business.

Ruyters adds, “The onboarding experience with Huboo was nothing short of seamless for Fibropharma. Within a mere week, all arrangements were meticulously organised, and the clear, user-friendly dashboards provided Fibropharma with easy tracking and management of sales and inventory, ensuring transparency and control without the operational burden.”

With a keen eye on market trends and consumer needs, Fibropharma has strategically stocked up on their supplement ranges, especially in anticipation of Q4 demands. Pharmaceutical products, particularly nutritional supplements, are witnessing an exponential growth trajectory in Europe, as the collective consciousness shifts towards healthier living and wellbeing.

Outsourcing fulfilment to Huboo has not only streamlined Fibropharma’s operations but also enhanced customer satisfaction by ensuring that packages are consistently shipped within 24 hours. This swift and reliable service has not only positively impacted customer satisfaction and loyalty but also allowed Fibropharma to focus on product development and other strategic areas”, he mentions.


Looking Ahead

The future of the nutritional supplement sector in Europe is bright and growing. As the demand for supplementary health products continues to soar, Fibropharma is poised for exponential growth, with a steadfast commitment to providing premium, health-enhancing products to consumers across the continent.

Ryan explains, “The partnership between Fibropharma and Huboo is a testament to how aligned values and operational synergies can foster mutual growth and success. As Fibropharma continues to expand its footprint in the online pharmaceutical sector, Huboo stands alongside, ensuring that every customer’s order is fulfilled with the same level of quality and dedication that Fibropharma infuses into every product. ”

Huboo will continue to support the growth of Fibropharma, scaling their Hub within the Netherlands to support new product lines and increased domestic and international demand.

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