How eCommerce order fulfilment works

It’s quick and easy to get started with eCommerce order fulfilment in the UK & EU with Huboo.
Just follow the steps below.

How Huboo E-commerce fulfilment works

How does Huboo eCommerce Order Fulfilment in the UK & EU work?

How does Huboo work - Sign Up

1. Sign Up

Simply fill in some details about you, your business and your operational needs.
Huboo - Order Fulfilment

2. Choose your products

Add your products to Huboo by selecting them either one at a time or by bulk upload and tell us how we should recognise them e.g. by a barcode, item number or your own custom identifier.
How does Huboo work - Ship your products

3. Ship your products

You can do this yourself or have your manufacturer send to us directly. You can choose to send your products ready to post, or let us do the packing for you. We’ll let you know once your goods have arrived!
How does Huboo work - Customer orders

4. Customer orders

Customers order your products, and we take care of the picking, packing and posting. Sorted!
How does Huboo work - Dashboard

5. Keeping you up to date

Your Huboo dashboard allows you to track your inbound goods, monitor stock levels and sales in real-time.
How does Huboo work - Billing

6. Billing

You’ll see your daily costs and volumes on your dashboard so there will be no nasty surprises or unexpected fees. Result!

Watch the video and see how you can outsource your eCommerce fulfilment easily and quickly with Huboo:

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Ready to get started? You can sign up below.
Or for more info on eCommerce order fulfilment, get in touch.

What our eCommerce fulfilment customers say

One of the things we have found most beneficial is the communication we have with our Hub manager. They’re always at the end of the phone if we need to check on something and we really trust their opinions on the best way to get our products out to our customers.
Davies Roberts CEO & Founder
They made the process of getting set up very easy, their software could link into our website making everything seamless, I liked the ‘hub’ system which means the same people work on our hub regularly so they get to know the products and how we want them packed.
Ben May Managing Director
Since we have launched with Huboo, sales have grown and grown. We have received amazing reviews on how quick the products have arrived and in perfect condition.
Verity Kimber Brand Manager
I initially found Huboo on Instagram. After asking small business owners who they use for fulfilment, Huboo popped up a few times. We originally shipped through Amazon, but as soon as me and Dean, our CEO and co-founder, spoke to Rob (our BDM), that was it for us. We loved the familiar, family-style approach of working. Huboo feels like an extension of our team; that’s what we were looking for, and that’s what we found. I would recommend Huboo to anyone; I think they’re the best in the business, and we’re grateful for you guys.
Hermione Underwood UK CEO
Our journey was a long one, we went through many partners before we went with Huboo, but this was all a part of our learning process. The look and feel of the Huboo website drew us in instantly, as did the simple UK/EU/international pricing structure that was straightforward, easily manageable and displayed clearly. The unique hub model was also a vital factor in us feeling at ease, knowing that our products are in one place with a single Hub Manager who acts as an extension of our brand.
Mo Bekdache Co-Founder