Proudly Supporting Local and National Charities

At Huboo we very much believe in giving back to our local community by showing support for many charitable foundations that work to improve the lives of UK citizens, both locally and nationally.


If you would like Huboo to be involved with your charity work, contact us now as we’re always looking to support UK charities looking for support.

Our Supported Charities

Julian House

Julian House is a charity working for the protection of vulnerable individuals in Bristol and beyond. Their assistance is available to both young people and adults at risk of domestic abuse and homelessness. Julian House also gives support to those with learning difficulties and autism.

Julian House offers shelter across the city in the form of an emergency access hostel and several supported refuge sites.

The charity is also active in the community through the organisation of training programmes designed to encourage vulnerable people to gain confidence, learn new skills and return to employment.
Julian House boasts other exceptional outreach involves hosting several creative classes and events, such as biking workshops that operate across Bristol and the surrounding region.

In December 2021, we were proud to donate £5,000 to Julian House to assist with the continued amazing work they do for the community.

To raise awareness of homelessness across the UK, Huboo is looking forward to supporting Julian House’s annual Big Bath Sleep Out on Friday 4th March in Alice Park, Bath.

To find out more about Julian House, visit their website where you will find lots of information about the various events, fundraisers and volunteering opportunities they have.

South & East Bristol Foodbank

The South & East-Bristol Foodbank has done an immense amount of good for the city thanks to its association with The Trussell Trust’s system of 428 UK foodbanks. Each food bank is dedicated to eradicating hunger and poverty across the country. Most of these foodbanks are held at community centres and churches where those in need can easily access the service.

The extent of the Trussell Trust’s importance was illustrated in 2020/21 when they supplied 2,537,198 emergency food packages to citizens across the UK, more than a third of which went to children.

In addition to supplying food relief, The South & East-Bristol Foodbank works to The Trussell Trust’s larger goal of improving the UK’s social framework to make fewer citizens dependent upon foodbanks. This is achieved via programmes like the ‘More Than Food’ initiative which deals with wider issues causing food shortage problems.

In December 2021, the Huboo team was proud to assist Bristol Foodbank by assisting with the distribution of food hampers for the local community. This rewarding work is just one of many charitable ventures we hope to undertake in the near future to support this excellent charity.

Bristol Children’s Charity

Since the 1970s, Bristol Children’s Charity has been a leading force for supporting disadvantaged children across the South-West. Supported by unpaid volunteers, the charity counts Terry Waite CBE and the late Duchess of Beaufort among its Patrons.

Huboo was proud to make a donation to Bristol’s Children’s Charity in December 2021. We hope this will be the first of many ventures we undertake with this excellent organisation.
We have proudly donated £5,000 to Bristol Children’s Charity. The staff informed us that this money can buy up to five beds for children who are currently sleeping on the floor.

The importance of the charity’s work is illustrated in the following application they shared with us. This is just one of many cases they undertake every week.

“A young boy’s current bed is broken so he is sleeping with his mum in her bed which is also broken. Both his parents are suffering from very poor mental health, his family are under a huge amount of stress as one of his older brothers is displaying very challenging behaviour, and the other has been excluded from school for poor behaviour.
The parents’ mental health is so poor they are both unable to work. The mum missed her last month’s rent payment and is being sanctioned by universal credits for failing to submit a form online due to not having a working phone or device.”

Jessie May

Since 1996, The Jessie May trust has given specialist nursing support to terminally ill children, allowing them to receive this care in their own homes across Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset, Bath & North East Somerset, and Swindon & Wiltshire. The trust also gives bereavement support to families.

We were proud to support the Jessie May trust by making a charitable donation, with plans for further involvement in the future.

Turn to Starboard

Turn to Starboard is a charity with a prolific history of supporting the welfare of both serving and retired Armed Forces personnel.

This is achieved through a number of initiatives, such as Turn to Starboard’s ‘Project ARGO’ which Huboo supported in October 2021. This campaign saw the charity team with Bristol NHS critical care workers to undertake a two-day sailing adventure on the Tall Ship Spirit of Falmouth.

This wonderful experience offered workers an opportunity to relax away from the stresses of home and work with providing them with relief and recovery from difficult experiences as they move forward with their lives. We could not be prouder to support this great initiative.

Actions like these show our NHS care workers that their incredible efforts are greatly appreciated by the general public as they continue to care for us.

Huboo looks forward to developing further initiatives with both Turn to Starboard and the NHS in the near future.