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Efficiency, low cost, scalability and order fulfilment precision. Our unique Micro-Hub Model enables us to offer eCommerce brands all these advantages.


A new warehouse concept, powered by our in-house software, enables our warehouse teams to work intelligently and productively on a set client portfolio.


Huboo Pick and Pack

How it Works

Huboo Pick, Pack & Post Your Orders

Micro-warehouses within larger warehouses

Our Hub Model consists of creating micro warehouses within our larger warehouses. Instead of walking miles and miles inside to reach the picking locations, our teams walk far shorter distances in our micro warehouse, reducing the time spent picking products.

This difference dramatically improves the fulfilment efficiency and allows us to reduce costs.
Huboo Values - Integrity

Hub Manager

Each Hub is managed by a Hub Manager. You have direct contact with this Hub Manager – this is unique in the market. They look after your products and reply to your queries, giving you a fully focused manager and much more personal service.

Each Hub Manager act as an extension and a guardian of your brand, following your fulfilment instructions.


With our Hub Model, your brand has unlimited space to grow. The Hub Model boasts unlimited scalability and can increase the efficiency of large volumes of orders to be fulfilled, even at short notice. The same Hub Model is used in our fulfilment centres in the UK, in the Netherlands and soon in Spain.

As a curiosity, do you know the name Huboo comes from “Hub” + the infinite symbol (∞)?

Tech-driven + Human Centric

We have the best of both worlds: a solid software developed in-house that powers our Hub Model managed by humans.

The exact balance between tech and the human touch that the fulfilment process needs.
Huboo Reviews

See our Reviews or See for Yourself

Check out our reviews or, if you prefer, visit our warehouse to see our Hub Model in action.
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Our Commercials

Free storage for 2 months. Free goods in. Free integration. No set-up fees. Free dashboard. Transparent pricing clearly stated on our website.

All the savings in time and costs from our Hub Model are transferred to our fulfilment costs – that’s why we have the lowest like-for-like costs.
Huboo Values - Solidarity

Happy Staff

We keep our staff happy! Our success has been built upon a foundation of great people growing as we grow. We’re proud of our rewarding our people for their excellence.

Happy people store, pick, pack and ship your orders better.

Looking for more information on how to improve your eCommerce Fulfilment with Our Hub Model?

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Looking for more information on how to improve your eCommerce Fulfilment with Our Hub Model?