Pick and Pack Services for eCommerce Sellers

We offer a complete order fulfilment service: warehouse, pick and pack, courier, return and protection.


We help businesses grow by taking care of all their eCommerce order fulfilment needs from our fulfilment centres in the UK and Europe.


Huboo empowers brands, fuels growth and fulfils ambitions.

Huboo Pick and Pack

How do Our Pick and Pack Services Work

1. Before We Pick and Pack

Before Pick n Pack, there are some steps in the order fulfilment process from Huboo:

Register your stock: use the Huboo system to tell us which products you want us to fulfil and how to recognise them e.g. by a barcode, item number or your own custom identifier.

Goods In: You can send your goods or have your manufacturer send directly to our warehouses and fulfilment centres.

Warehouse and Storage: our teams receive your products and organise them in our fulfilment centres.
Free and Fast Integration with Most Shopping Sites

2. Customer Buys 🙂

The customer visits your online store and buys your products. Our order fulfilment solution integrates with most shopping websites, so when your customer orders, we receive this information and start the pick and pack process.
Huboo Pick, Pack & Post Your Orders

3. Pick and Pack time!

Our team Pick n Pack your order: first, the product is picked from our warehouse.
After that, it’s packed following your instructions (or you can send the product already packed for us).
Posting Pricing

4. The next step: delivery

After our Pick and Pack Services, our courier partners or your existing courier ship the product. Pick, Pack and Courier – we do everything for you!
How does Huboo work - Dashboard

5. Keeping you up to date

Your Huboo dashboard allows you to track your inbound goods, monitor stock levels and sales in real-time.
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UK & EU Fulfilment Centres

Our Fulfilment Centres in the UK and in the Netherlands offer Pick and Pack Services to fulfil eCommerce orders from all over the world.

Watch the video and see how you can use our Pick and Pack Services easily and quickly:

What our customers say

One of the things we have found most beneficial is the communication we have with our Hub manager. They’re always at the end of the phone if we need to check on something and we really trust their opinions on the best way to get our products out to our customers.
Davies Roberts CEO & Founder
They made the process of getting set up very easy, their software could link into our website making everything seamless, I liked the ‘hub’ system which means the same people work on our hub regularly so they get to know the products and how we want them packed.
Ben May Managing Director
Since we have launched with Huboo, sales have grown and grown. We have received amazing reviews on how quick the products have arrived and in perfect condition.
Verity Kimber Brand Manager