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At Huboo, we pride ourselves on the order fulfilment success we give our clients. We’ve helped a wide range of online businesses achieve desired business growth through our 3PL process.


We are grateful to receive feedback from our clients. Below you will find a series of success stories provided by many businesses we’ve worked with. This honest interaction allows us to improve our service in the on-going quest to offer the very best fulfilment service across the EU and beyond.   


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If you’re serious about growing your business, Huboo is ready to assist your development whenever and wherever you need.

huboo fulfilment

Founded at the beginning of the pandemic, increasingly we saw that consumers were looking for skincare and wellness solutions that can have a positive impact on their daily lives and on the planet, and that is where Finland came in. Read More…

Daniel Collins: Founder of Forest Spa_ Finland 

L’or and Tassimo are part of the Jacobs Douwe Egberts brand, who are the second largest coffee company behind Nestle. In 2021, they teamed up with Nescafe to create Podback, a coffee pod recycling scheme that provides recycling bags with each order of coffee pods. Read More…

Oliver Ellis: JDE Coffee

JustWears is a sustainable men’s underwear brand, providing the most  comfortable alternative to regular boxers and briefs. The brand was originally called JoeyWears, as the ergonomic design has a unique pouch feature, which provides much more comfort than traditional underwear. However, we like to say we’re ‘JustWears’, not ‘just underwear’, and so a few years ago we wanted to find a brand name that didn’t define us solely by this product feature. As a result, we asked our customers if they’d like to choose a new name for the brand, and that’s when JustWears was born. Read More…

Joshua Rosen: COO at JustWears

Myself and Richardt are two brothers who were born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We have both suffered with hair loss for years, so we decided to write about our struggles in a blog. For obvious reasons, we called it ‘The Bald Brothers’, and started publishing in 2019.

We soon realised that we weren’t the only men who suffered emotional turmoil because of hair loss. Our blog started to become increasingly popular, with lots of readers getting in touch with their personal stories and challenges. Within two years, we released our own moisturiser called ‘The Bald Boss’, and the brand just kept growing from there. Read More…

Willie du Plessis: The Bald Brothers

Legless Games is a drinking games company that was setup by three students: myself (Tom Doherty), Lily Brown and Alistair Moss. We all lived together during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 and being students, we were drinking a lot. We were getting so bored that we decided to invent a drinking game. Originally, it was supposed to be a game for us to play but we thought it was great so decided to turn it into a proper card game for others to enjoy as well. Read more…

Tom Doherty – Legless Games

When we first did the changeover to outsourcing fulfilment, it freed up so much more time for us to focus on revenue-generating tasks. It also has net-net not cost any extra money to outsource. In fact, they saved us money on our postage with all costs considered. It has allowed us to scale up our online sales massively and despite the difficult times we find ourselves in 2020, this is going to be our best year of sales as we continue to grow.

I would recommend for any eCommerce brand with fast-moving products to outsource fulfilment to Huboo as our experience has been overwhelmingly positive and they have played a big part in the growth of our brand since we decided to work with them. Read more…

Ben May – Skin Woof

As a business, we have to be really careful with how we spend our time and money and one of the things that really struck me about Huboo is how open and transparent you are about all aspects of delivery. This openness really helped us build trust in you and we always feel our business is in a safe pair of hands. Similarly, we have always felt valued as a customer and know that whenever we pick up the phone to speak to you, there’s always someone on the team there ready to help.

We’re still learning after all, so being able to ask lots of questions and get a detailed and thorough response is key. Read more…

Rice Inc – Lincoln & Kisum

The unique hub model was also a vital factor in us feeling at ease, knowing that our products are in one place with a single Hub Manager who acts as an extension of our brand. The dashboard is easy to use, as are the integration tools and shipping times. Sometimes, three or four days go by without needing to check our dashboard because we trust Huboo so much.

The customer service and communication we’ve received has been exceptional.  To read more click here.

Mo Bekdache – Dingbats

The pricing was very transparent and clear cut, with no nasty hidden costs; it was a very streamlined offering. We’ve stayed with Huboo throughout the peaks and troughs because there have been learnings on both sides; we appreciate that whenever a mistake happens, we work together as a team to find a resolution that suits both parties.

There is an immense level of care towards us, which we value greatly, but mostly, it was Rob. To read more, visit here.

Hermione Underwood – JSHealth

We’d heard about Huboo and after meeting with the team, we felt really reassured that the business would have the capabilities to handle all of our supply chain logistics. One of the things we have found most beneficial since working with Huboo is the constant communication we have with our hub manager. They’re always at the end of the phone if we need to check on something and we really trust their opinions on the best way to get our products out to our customers. 

We also have quite a lot of key sales periods throughout the year – whether that’s Christmas or around a new product launch – and Huboo has been brilliant at supporting us when we’re really busy. It’s so helpful to know that everything is completely taken care of and we can focus on doing what we do best. Read more…

Davies Roberts – Flare Audio