Simon Leigh
Head of eCommerce

For the last 20 years, Simon has been instrumental in the growth of ecommerce, particularly in the UK. As well as writing the well-known RomanCart Shopping cart (used by thousands of merchants, tens of millions of customers and responsible for billions in transactions), Simon has worked closely with the likes of Google, PayPal, Amazon and many other ecommerce service providers to help merchants grow their businesses.

In recent years, Simon and his team produced the Sellr ecommerce platform, making it easy for any merchant to list their items on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and many other marketplaces, as well as having access to Sellr’s fully featured ecommerce website builder if required.

Acquired by Huboo at the end of 2020, Simon and his team are passionate about both helping existing Huboo merchants maximise their sales potential and bringing many more merchants into the Huboo ecommerce ecosystem.